Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

The colors somebody sees can have a major influence on their life. This just isn't some lame observation or guess; this is science that has been observed by many professional psychologists. A person that sees green a lot is more likely to be envious. A person that sees red a lot is more likely to be angry. Throughout ages and cultures, colors have always been associated with certain feelings, but no one really knows why. Likewise, the colors someone wears says a lot about them. For these reasons, it is very important to pick the color of an engagement ring wisely. I believe that yellow diamond engagement rings are the way to go.

First of all, yellow is a very beautiful color. It is very bright and sparkly; it really brings the girl wearing it to life. It is a light color and not very abrasive, so it will match any outfit. The only drawback to wearing yellow is that it isn't the most common color, so it might be kind of difficult to find; however, this could also be viewed as a plus since you know the ring would be one of a kind. These are all great reasons for a yellow ring, but I haven't even delved into the psychological aspect.
Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings
Surprisingly, this ring can have far-reaching effects on your marriage.

Obviously, the color yellow is mostly associated with happiness. From facebook to your cellphone, you will see a plethora of yellow smiley faces. This isn't a coincidence, for people naturally associate the color of yellow with health, happiness, and fortune. The reason why we make this association is not known, but scientists have noticed this link in all cultures from all time periods. Because of this strong connection, a yellow ring is more likely to result in a long-lasting, happy marriage. Subconsciously, looking at a yellow ring will make a couple happier. If they are fighting or unhappy they are more likely to see the yellow ring and think that the good times outweigh the bad. If they are happy and look at it their feelings will become even more joyous. I know the color of a ring seems like a minor decision, so why not make a choice that is scientifically shown to make you more happy?

Ultimately, yellow diamond engagement rings will not make or break your marriage. The choice for an engagement ring is a minor one, but nevertheless it is still pretty important. If you love somebody, wouldn't you do anything to make them happier? Wouldn't you do anything to make yourself happier? The choice of an engagement ring is truly an insignificant choice, but if it matters at all - shouldn't you choose something that would make you more happy?

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